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The Relationship Anomaly I Ft. Harsh and Rubina How many times have you heard this: "I used to think communication is a key in relationships until I realised comprehension is." Through generations and the resultant gaps, there are shifts, differences and common grounds. So knowing how different generations approach relationships can truly be a gamechanger. My guests for the week -- Harsh, A young talented entrepreneur and Rubina, A recent Graduated from Jain University -- help us better understand why it's crucial to understand the perception of relationships to navigate the wonderful, messy world of love, respect and coexistence in the 21st century. Also do not expect to have your assumptions validated! They may or may not be but we sure do ditch the stereotypes. Stay tune for more and subscribe to the YouTube channel if you haven't already.#relationship #family #friends #dating
What We Need to Understand When We Hear About Stock Market, Nifty and More | Ft. Rajnish Bharti When asked "What We Need to Understand When We Hear About Stock Market, Nifty and More", Rajnish Bharti provided an insightful explanation. He emphasized that the stock market allows individuals to invest in companies by purchasing shares, effectively owning a part of the company. Investors can buy shares, hold them, and later sell them for profit. Rajnish elaborated on different investment strategies, including long-term holding and short-term trading. He also explained the Nifty index, which represents the top 50 companies in India, offering a diversified investment option. By investing in Nifty, one can spread their investment across these leading companies, reducing risk and potentially increasing returns. Rajnish highlighted the importance of understanding how companies are listed, the significance of market trends, and the benefits of a diversified portfolio for both novice and experienced investors. #stockmarket #nifty #mutualfunds #investmentfundamentals
Investing in Mutual funds | Ft. Rajnish Bharti You don't need to be a stock market wiz to invest in mutual funds. The operative word that Rajnish uses: Discipline! Whether you're looking for aggressive growth, steady income, or a balanced approach, you can find a fund that aligns with your needs. Now, please note that this is not any sort of endorsement for mutual funds exclusively and of course, they aren’t without their own share of risks. However, for beginners, they do offer a solid and accessible way to start investing and grow your wealth over time a.k.a. Make your money work for you. This is because experienced fund managers handle the research, buying, and selling of investments within the fund, allowing you to benefit from their expertise without the legwork. The overarching takeaway is to seek the direction towards your vision around finances, get invested in the process and be disciplined about it! Rajnish has a lot of insights for us in the full episode - TUNE IN! #investsmart #financialdiscipline #wealthbuilding #mutualfunds101 #investmenttips
What is Inflation? I Ft. Rajnish bharti Inflation affects our entire economy. It impacts how we manage our money. “Nifty, Sensex, MidCap, SmallCap, Gold…” A lot of scary jargons from the world of investments? We begin to break it down quantitatively. You must have met many who use qualitative measures of advice like “That is going to be great, amazing, go for it”. But here, we have someone who says/shows WHY. Rajnish Bharti is a full-time Future & Options (F&O) Trader who joins us for this episode. As the financial world gets more data-driven, he explains to us what it takes to rely on mathematical models and analysis to crunch the numbers, look for patterns, and bet on the right risks to stay on top of the financial markets. TUNE INTO THE FULL EPISODE NOW. Don't forget to drop your specific queries (Rajnish could help answer) in the comments below.#
“Long story short: There is no way but to take some risks” – Ft. Rajnish Bharti We’ve got another one from the club where those who switched from the world of corporate to the passion economy are in tune with their version of success. Now, this one is about a plunge into the realm of investments and trading – where numbers/data are the instruments for calculated risks, just like the one Rajnish took! Rajnish Bharti, having held leadership roles in Yahoo and Adobe, has been a full-time Future & Options (F&O) Trader for over a year now. He talks us through how he navigates finances and the future with the “I use what I knew” fundamentals in place. As the financial world gets more data-driven, he explains to us what it takes to rely on mathematical models and analysis to crunch the numbers, look for patterns, and bet on the right risks to stay on top of the financial markets. Larger goals and purpose of investments, power of compounding, importance of discipline with money, risk management techniques, and the ever-changing market dynamics – Rajnish breaks it down for us on everything we must know to manage money and future proof it for ourselves. STAY TUNED! #moneymanagement #stockmarket #finance #nifty #inflation #mutualfunds
In our exploration of money and its intricate ties to our lives, we couldn't overlook the question: "Men vs Women! Are they Equal?" While our discussion primarily revolves around generational perspectives, the intersectionality of gender cannot be ignored. We delve into how societal norms and expectations shape the financial experiences of men and women differently. From the gender pay gap to traditional roles within families, our conversation unpacks the disparities and challenges faced by both genders in navigating the financial world. However, amidst these disparities, we also highlight the strides towards equality and the importance of advocating for financial parity. By acknowledging and addressing these inequalities, we strive to foster an inclusive dialogue that empowers individuals of all genders to take control of their financial futures and how women also playing a key role in managing the financial crisis of a family and how women are supporting there family these days. Join us as we explore the gender equality in the realm of money and beyond. #moneymanagement #personaljourney #guyvsgirl
Imagine you plant a seed. In the first year, it sprouts and grows a little, maybe knee-high. That's like simple interest in finance - you earn a return on your initial investment, like the plant growing from the seed. But here's the magic of COMPOUNDING: That first year's growth becomes part of the plant the next year. So, the next year, the plant isn't just growing on the original seed, it's also growing on the stem that grew the prior year. You earn interest not only on your original investment, but also on the interest you've already earned. So basically, this means your money grows faster over time. Which in turn translates to making the money work for you! Do you see how this could potentially change your perspective and relationship with money, for the better?#attitudemakeover #generationalperspectives #compoundinterest #financialgrowth #moneymagic #investingwisdom #wealthbuilding
Money. It makes the world go round, but for different generations, the way it spins can vary wildly. Presenting to you: Working, independent individuals – Nishmitha, Arthi, Amogh – in their early 20s, late 20s, mid 30s and yours truly (repping the 40s club!) We sit down to talk money, about our mindset and relationship in connection with it (and change, thereof). But why? Because we are mostly ready to take off, brand each generation with names, but we don’t tend to listen to people in different generational cohorts. We especially don’t talk to one another about money. And that’s a problem for everyone. And it creates a divide between our needs and desires, as individuals. This is an earnest (a tad bit experimental) attempt to share and set financial realities across age groups in perspective. STAY TUNED for more and don’t forget to subscribe!
Take Control of Your Emotions & Start Your Declutter Journey Now! | Ft. Khurshed Batliwala “If you don’t process those emotions, they are going to (take control) and run you.” Imagine your mind is like your phone. A cluttered screen with a million notifications makes it hard to focus, right? The same goes for your brain. Bawa might have a way for you to declutter, starting NOW. (Check out our full conversation for it) This constant interplay between our internal world and the external world is what makes us who we are. What you think, feel, and believe shapes how you act. Positive vibes lead to positive actions, which can cultivate the world we desire. Yes, society has a part to play but when you have the (will)power and emotions in control, you call the shots. Isn't it? #attitudemakeover #lifecoach #khurshedbatliwala #spiritualgrowth